All You Need To Know About Furnace Rust

Rust is the biggest enemy of appliances as it makes them inoperable and irreparable. A furnace is no different from other appliances. Furnaces face frequent corrosion due to the presence of moisture or other factors.

You should know that no technician or professional can repair a rusty furnace. You can avoid the rusting of your furnace, but once it happens, you cannot do anything. Do not listen to them if a local technician contacts you for furnace repair in Lawrenceville, GA, saying that they can fix your rusty furnace. Here is what you can do to protect your furnace from rust:

Causes of Rusting

The basic reason for rust growing on your furnace is moisture. As you know, when metal reacts with water, the metal oxidizes, leading to rust formation. The best and only way to avoid the growth of rust on your furnace is to keep moisture away from it. Here are some of the objects that may increase the moisture level near your furnace:

  • Humidifier: The harsh winter air removes all the moisture from your indoor air, leading to problems like rashes and irritation. Most furnaces come with in-built humidifiers to maintain the moisture level to fix this problem. If the in-built humidifier malfunctions, it can cause water leakage within the system and lead to rust formation. You should frequently contact your technician for heating repair in Lawrenceville, GA, to check the humidifier.
  • Location: Furnaces located in areas like the basement often rust due to leakage problems in the basement. Ensure there is no water problem in the area where you installed your furnace.
  • Leakage: If there is a water pipe near your furnace, you should ensure that it does not have any leakage. A minor leakage in the water pipe can rust your furnace.

Prevention of Rusting

Rusting can destroy your furnace and the money you invested in buying it. With simple precautionary steps, you can protect them both. Here is what you can do to stop rusting and corrosion of your furnace:

  • Maintenance: Many furnace owners ignore annual maintenance bills as much as possible. You may ignore the maintenance schedule of your furnace, thinking that it is a waste of time and money, but it is one of the most appropriate ways to protect your furnace from rust. The technician you contact for heating repair in Lawrenceville, GA, will check your furnace for rusting signs and leakages in the humidifier to avoid rust problems.
  • Repair: Contact your technician immediately if you notice malfunctioning signs with your furnace, especially due to the heat exchanger. Your heat exchanger may be troubling you due to rust formation, and only a technician can detect and fix it at the earliest.
  • Leakages: Check out for possible leakages near and around your furnace. If your previous furnace got wasted by rust due to leakage, you should repair the leak before installing a new one to avoid the problem.

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