All You Should Know About A Noisy Air Conditioner

Air conditioners can create various problems for their owners, and one of the most common issues that owners face with their systems is unwanted noises. Here is why your air conditioner creates those noises and what you can do to fix them without the help of an AC repair schedule in Lawrenceville:

  1. Banging: Dirt, dust, loose screws, or a broken fan motor can cause banging and rattling sounds while your system works. You can clean your system regularly to avoid dirt settling on it, but you should contact a professional for screws or a malfunctioning fan motor.

  2. Screeching: A worn-out belt, fan motor bearings, or high pressure in the compressor often create screeching noises. Let a professional take care of the belt and turn off your system to release the high pressure.

  3. Pulsating sound: The lines carrying refrigerant in your system or losing coils can lead to a pulsating sound. You can easily shift the lines away from the walls, insulate them, and tighten the coil screws should stop the sounds. If nothing works out, it is best to call the technician and let him handle the unit further.

  4. Hissing: Leaks like refrigerant leaks and compressor valve leaks make hissing sounds. It is best to contact a professional to prevent leakages instead of using DIY methods.

  5. Clicking: Various components like fans, capacitors, and thermostats are behind the clicking sounds. Clean your fans regularly, restart your thermostat, check for wiring problems, and contact a technician to check the system thoroughly.

  6. Whistling: Leaking ducts and obstructions in the airflow path create whistling sounds. Insulating and sealing ducts properly and cleaning the air filters frequently can stop this sound from returning.

  7. Humming: Low lubrication level and bent fin coils are why humming sounds. Lubricate the motor if you have experience, and straighten the fin coils with a metal comb to stop this sound. If it remains, contact an AC company in Lawrenceville, GA, to help you find the real reason.

  8. Cracking: Too low temperature, improper moisture draining, and dirty fins cause the evaporator coils to freeze. When the ice falls off, it gives off a cracking sound. Clean the fins regularly and unfreeze the coils.

  9. Buzzing: A malfunctioning compressor and motor, loose components and wires, and a capacitor breakdown create buzzing sounds. Most of these issues require professional attention instead of DIY methods, so contact your technician at the earliest.

  10. Grinding: A failed motor and compressor breakdown create grinding noise. Replace the compressor and oil the motor before the beginning of a season.

  11. Gurgling: Improper insulation and high moisture levels may force the system to give off a gurgling sound. Seal the refrigerant lines and check the drain lines for clogs.

  12. Dripping: Excessive condensation and freezing coils create dripping sounds when water drips off them. Empty the drain pan and find the real reason why your coils froze.

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