How Do You Know if Your Home AC Compressor is Not Working?

The AC compressor is a critical component of the system. It contributes to the production of cool air by circulating the refrigerant through the AC unit. The compressor depreciates over time, but it will begin to exhibit various symptoms before it entirely fails. During summer, the compressor needs to be carefully inspected as it is utilized daily. The homeowner can save a fortune on utility bills if he keeps a watchful eye on the compressor.

House owners must ask for maintenance before the AC stops operating in their AC company in Lawrenceville, GA. Continue reading to learn about the symptoms and signs of compressor failure.

Chattering or Rattling Sound From The AC

If you hear such a sound from the air conditioner, it’s a symptom of compressor trouble. It means that the system is working hard and consuming a lot of energy. Whenever you switch on the air conditioner and hear rattling noises, it signifies the motor that distributes cool air and assists in compression has failed. It’s a serious problem that has to be addressed by professionals.


Moisture leaks are another indicator of a faulty compressor. When the refrigerant runs out of chemicals to convert warm air to cold air, this happens. When moisture leaks from the compressor, it can lead to health problems such as dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. It is also possible that the electric bills will rise as a result of this. Homeowners must take deliberate steps to halt leaking and report the situation to a technician, as it can become quite dangerous for the residents.

Warmer Air

If your air conditioner is blowing warm air into the room, the compressor is to blame. When the compressor runs out of refrigerant, it can no longer convert warm air to cold air. It begins to dehumidify the house. When the temperature in the house does not drop, homeowners must replace the old compressor and contact AC installation in Lawrenceville, GA.

Reduced Airflow

The airflow is disrupted when the compressor starts to depreciate. If you notice that one area of your room is cool while the other isn’t, the compressor is failing to produce enough air. As the compressor contributes to the generation of cool air, airflow is likely to become feeble, and the unit will struggle to release additional air. To ensure proper in-house airflow, it is always a good idea to contact an AC company in Lawrenceville, GA.

External Capacitor Frequently Shuts Down

Suppose you notice that an exterior condensing unit is constantly switching between on and off. It is a sign of a faulty compressor. This will overheat the system since it will attempt to pull too much power for operation. This occurs when the circuit breaker stops the machine from being overheated and safeguards against possible incandescent risks.

The energy expenses will undoubtedly be increased. Homeowners should not overlook these signs since they may put the house at risk of short-circuiting. To replace the compressor, you have to reach the pros.

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