How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

Filters are critical for the furnace system’s overall function. That is why it is essential to pay attention to these filters and opt for a replacement after every season. If you are unsure of your filters performance or require heating repair service, give Diego HVAC in Lawrenceville, GA a call for an inspection.

There are general rules of thumb to replace your furnace filters – if the filter is 1-2 inches, replace every four months; if the filter is 4 inches or more, replace every six months; and 5 inches or more, a year is adequate to replace the filter. You can contact a professional for furnace repair service in Lawrenceville, GA to help you determine when a replacement is required.

Important Factors Regarding Filter Replacement

  • Pets

The filter’s lifespan greatly decreases if you have pets in your house. This occurs due to the accumulation of fur which reduces the furnace’s overall efficiency. If you do have pets you should replace your filters at least every two months.

  • Keeping Doors And Windows Open

The efficiency of a furnace is maintained when there is no escape of indoor air. However, if your doors and windows are left open too often, it will impact the performance of the filters and the overall system. Technicians that conduct furnace repair service in Lawrenceville, GA, can determine if the filter capacity has started decreasing due to this reason.

  • Heater Fan Usage

The heater fan has a pivotal role to play in the replacement of the filters. The more you use the fan, the less effective filters become. That is why if you turn the fan on less often, you can keep the filters for at least two months in a row. Heating system repair service technicians operating in Lawrenceville, GA can assist with performance issues caused by the heater fan.

  • Smoking

Smoke does affect the efficiency of the furnace system, and in turn, the lifespan of the filters. The filter usage increases with the level of smoke in the house. Since filters keep purifying the air by sucking harmful materials, smoke can result in a large collection of dust in the filters.

Professional furnace repair services in Lawrenceville, GA may ask you to replace the filters once a month for two-inch filters and every two months for four-inch filters if dust from smoke is present.

  • Allergies

If any of your family members suffer from allergy issues, it is important that you keep replacing the filters more frequently to keep the air clean and breathable. Contact a professional heating repair service in Lawrenceville, GA to determine what works best for your home.


Filters are a vital aspect of the overall furnace system. Not maintaining your filters can affect your health and result in costly repairs. To speak to an expert of furnace repair service in Lawrenceville, GA, contact Diego HVAC to ensure your furnace is operating optimally.

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