Why Does it Sound Like Water is Running From Your AC?

It’s now impossible and intolerable to imagine life without an air conditioner. Normal noise from your air conditioner is expected, but we’ve discovered that some people are confused when they hear water inside their air conditioners.

But, if your AC is constantly making unknown and unusual dripping sounds, it is time to call a professional, or else you will invest a huge amount of capital in your new AC installation in Lawrenceville, GA.

1. Why Is Your AC Constantly Emitting Strange Water Sounds?

The condensate line or drip pan is most likely the source of the issue if your central air conditioner is making running water noises. The water may accumulate because your AC unit isn’t properly controlling the humidity.
This might occur if a drain line clogs, preventing the condensate line from draining properly, or if the drip pan fills up and needs to be emptied.
A clogged drain line can result in a chain reaction of issues. Your home may become overflowed with water if the drip pan overflows. Mold, which is harmful to the air quality and can cause water damage inside your home, can result from abundant water.

2. To Fix The Constant Dripping Sound From Your AC

These steps should be taken if you hear more often and occasionally see water splashing:
  • Step 1: Switch Off The AC
    You should turn off the unit at the thermostat and breaker panel before checking the drain line and drip pan to prevent condensation from dripping while you empty a drip pan and reduce your risk of an electric shock.
  • Step 2: Inspecting The Drip Pan
    When the drip pan is full, the water will overflow into your room, so check it out. Please empty the drip pan to reduce the overrun to prevent such annoyances.
  • Step 3: Cleaning The Condensate Line
    Clean the condensate line in step three.
    A clogged condensate drain line is most likely to blame if your drip pan is overflowing. You can eliminate any clogs in the drain line by cleaning it, which lowers the likelihood that the drip pan will overflow.
  • Step 4: Inspecting The Condensate Pump
    Ensure it is not damaged, as this could result in an overflowing drip pan.
  • Step 5: Change The Air Filter
    Your evaporator coil cannot receive airflow if your air filter is too dirty. Due to this, the coil freezes over and melts, dripping extra water into the drip pan. You can prevent this problem by changing your air filter every one to two months.
  • Step 6: Check The Levels Of Your Refrigerant
    The coils may freeze due to low AC refrigerant levels, which will drain any extra water upon condensation. It’s time to call an AC company in Lawrenceville, GA if you hear any bubbling noises from the AC since this is a sign that refrigerant is leaking and is poisonous to people.


The AC systems work on advanced technology to cool and purify the air that circulates your property nonstop and needs regular air conditioning service in Lawrenceville by an expert.

Contact Diego HVAC’s professional for a free estimate if you think your AC system isn’t functioning properly.