Why Is My Heater Making Strange Sounds?

Furnaces are large metal structures with internal working parts, so it’s not shocking to hear some sounds when the heater is turned on or off. Unusual noises from your heater may be an attempt to grab your attention.

A furnace generating a loud clunking noise, for example, could indicate that a fan blade is out of line or that a damaged fan belt has an issue that needs attention. Apart from the above reasons, different odd sounds coming from your heating system can be because of various internal problems that only experts for heating repair in Lawrenceville, GA, can identify.

Some Strange Noise Your Furnace Makes

Here are some of the odd noises a furnace makes.

  • Shrieking

If you notice a screeching noise coming from your heater, it’s most likely due to a belt, gear, or motor malfunction. While it is not dangerous, if left in bad condition, it may necessitate more laborious repairs in the future.

  • Whistling

A whistling sound occurs when you use the heater after the device has been dormant for some time and could be an indication that the heater is turning on.

The noise may cease after the furnace has heated up and run for a few minutes. If the noise persists or worsens over time, the belt may need to be replaced. Also, in such a scenario, it is best to call a furnace repair specialist to inspect your unit and perform any necessary repairs.

  • Rattling

A rattling sound emanating from the furnace may indicate a loose panel, which experts can repair by tightening the upper panels. If you have tested the panels for tightness, the rattling noise could be due to your furnace’s metal components expanding and contracting due to changes in temperature.

If the rattling noises persist, it could indicate something more severe and, it is prudent to call experts for furnace repair professionals.

  • Clanging

Suppose your furnace only makes a clanging sound when it initially turns on or immediately after it stops pumping hot air. In that case, the sound is most likely generated by expansion or relaxation. As the metal casing, vents, pipes, and other components heat and cool, they produce clanging and pounding noises. However, it is normal and should not be a cause for concern.

  • Bang

If the boom or pounding sounds emanate from the heater, the issue happens due to delayed gas combustion. Delayed gas ignition occurs when gas in the furnace accumulates rather than instantly igniting. When the gas finally ignites after some time, a mini-explosion occurs, which can damage your furnace.

  • Whistling

If you hear a buzzing sound coming from the heater, attempt to determine where it is coming from. In addition, one of the most typical issues is a humming sound from the air compressor. If this is the case, the first thing you should do is turn off your furnace’s engine and let it cool down. Heating systems are vital appliances that help you stay warm during cold weather. Hence, you must never neglect its upkeep and promptly seek expert assistance if you notice these odd sounds.

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